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Welcome To Music Language Studios ®

Music Language  is a philosophy of music education that teaches music lessons as a language.  Our studios aim to teach so that the student experiences the music aurally and physically, and the music becomes part of the students’ being.  As in learning a language, it is the experience of listening and aural practice, leading eventually to […]

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Adventuring With Music ® ... Music Lessons with qualified teachers

The music lessons program which uses Music Language for older children and adults is,  Adventuring With Music ®.  Students may experience group or individual instruction to practice aural skills and learn how music works and is written. This will lead to music lessons and studies in all aspects of music – including basic aural and written […]

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Music For Wee Folk ® ... Music Lessons for very young children with qualified teachers

Music for Wee Folk® is designed for young children, approximately 3-7. In small classes an assortment of music activities and skills are practiced – music reading, songs, games and often beginning piano and/or violin lessons.  Students will be introduced to a variety of instruments including recorder, xylophone, piano, violin and ukulele. The child’s imagination and […]

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Infant & Toddler Program ... with qualified teachers

Music For Your New One Are you an expectant mother? Do your, to be little one, a big favour. Listen to quite a lot of music: classical, folk, soft popular – just listen to a lot of music. Rock yourself a lot and hum to yourself. You don’t have to sing or have a ‘good’ voice – Just […]

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