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Music Language is a philosophy of music education that teaches music as a language.  

Our studios aim to teach so that the student experiences the music aurally and physically,
and the music becomes part of the students’ being.


  • Piano Lessons and Violin Lessons are supported by written and ear training.
  • Children who are too young to begin formal piano lessons, enjoy our Music For Wee Folk® Program. With the guidance of the teacher and support of the parents, children develop various skills, which are required for their future piano or any instrument study.
  • The Royal Conservatory of Music Series is used in our piano curriculum, and students are prepared for the Piano Exams as well as the accompanying Royal Conservatory Theory Exams.
  • Adults are welcome.
  • Classes or lessons are once per week, following the basic school annual calendar from September to June inclusive. However, there are options to start lessons anytime during the year.
  • Performance opportunities are available in our Music Language Studios® Community Concerts in both Ensemble and Solo settings.
  • Parents are encouraged to be a part of all lessons.
  • Family Classes definitely work and have numerous advantages!
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