In the last 20 to 30 years, thanks to the coming of age of MRI scanning capabilities and other research, more has been discovered about the very great effect that music has on the brain, the body and the emotions in general. It has shown that what we have been teaching in Music Language and has been believed and acted upon by Music Therapists, is now proven to be factual. This is great news for Music Therapy – body, mind and emotion can be affected, and, therefore are open to much healing through music.

If a child is healthy: physically, mentally and emotionally; and music is being taught as part of a holistic educational program; then, music language is being performed. This can start very early – even in the womb – the earlier the start, the better. Mothers to be, listen to lots of music.

If a child or adult has some form of health malady and music is being used as an aid in cure, by itself or as an adjuvant to medical treatment, music therapy is being performed.

The time will come, when the great importance of music: to the brain, the body, and the emotions will come to be recognized – the sooner, the better.