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Music For Your New One

Are you an expectant mother? Do your, to be little one, a big favour. Listen to quite a lot of music: classical, folk, soft popular – just listen to a lot of music. Rock yourself a lot and hum to yourself. You don’t have to sing or have a ‘good’ voice – Just quietly hum. You may be helping the coming one to be musical, which can be a good positive. Modern research is showing that a person who is musical and uses it, is probably giving the developing brain a lot of good practice.

After your child is born continue the music. Let your child hear music – rather quiet music (gentle on those new ears) of all sorts. Rock and caress your child (one of the best gifts you can give your child and yourself at this time is a rocking chair). Hum much and don’t be concerned about the quality of your voice. (Your little one is no great voice critic!)

Traditional thought has been that infants don’t do much except eat and sleep. However, modern research is showing that this is not the case. In fact, they can be quite aware – especially when to comes to hearing. They have been doing that for some time as hearing is happening in the womb for several months. They hear the sounds of their mother’s body, the heart beat, etc. They also hear sounds from the outside. They can hear music at that time so they have considerable experience.

So, pay attention to your infant, and give the practice outlined here. It can give them a good start on brain development. The brain has certain special attributes at different times. There is more different language awareness in the first year of life which diminishes there after. Make use of this time. Music is the great, natural language. It is not encumbered by word meanings. Your rocking and your humming is a fine attribute of bonding – of love and caring. Music, the great language of energy and the spirit. Give it to your little one.