Music For Wee Folk® … Music Lessons for very young children with qualified teachers

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Music for Wee Folk® is designed for young children, approximately 3-7. In small classes an assortment of music activities and skills are practiced – music reading, songs, games and often beginning piano and/or violin lessons.  Students will be introduced to a variety of instruments including recorder, xylophone, piano, violin and ukulele. The child’s imagination and senses are touched and music is experienced. Parents are encouraged to attend and be part of the music lesson as they will be part of the musical experience at home.

An important feature of the Music Language programme is its use of ‘ensemble.’ which allows pupils to do their first performances in the more comfortable group situation rather than the sterner solo site. How often have we seen a student have to sweat out a solo performance with all its possible embarrassments – all the while growing to hate music performance – when the first performance could have been in a covered and comfortable group. Later, maybe after several group performances, a student may find it easier to try a solo performance.

Also, there is so much good musical performance ‘habit’ that gets practiced in ensemble work that is not done in solo work. Making music together is very fine music practice in coordination and cooperation in music – and in other things.