Adventuring With Music® … Music Lessons with qualified teachers

The music lessons program which uses Music Language for older children and adults is,  Adventuring With Music®.  Students may experience group or individual instruction to practice aural skills and learn how music works and is written. This will lead to music lessons and studies in all aspects of music – including basic aural and written music, structure, harmony, history, composition, etc.

They will be introduced to a variety of instruments further than those already known from Music for Wee Folk® studies. Some of these students may advance to a specialist teacher on an instrument (or instruments) of their choice, such as the piano and / or violin etc.  and will remain with Music Language for their general music studies, as it provides one of the most holistic music study there is.

Over the years, hundreds of students have used these lessons to learn music, and to prepare for aural and theory examinations with the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto and other institutions around the world. As a result, Music Language students taught with these music lessons have developed a reputation for their excellent achievements and musicality.